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Largest places in Armenia

The largest cities and places in Armenia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Armenia.

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Largest places in Armenia
Yerevan Yerevan1.Yerevan Yerevan1,093,485
Gyumri Gyumri2.Shirak Province Shirak Province148,381
Vanadzor Vanadzor3.Lori Province Lori Province101,098
Ejmiatsin Ejmiatsin4.Armavir Province Armavir Province49,513
Hrazdan Hrazdan5.Kotayk Province Kotayk Province40,795
Abovyan Abovyan6.Kotayk Province Kotayk Province35,673
Kapan Kapan7.Syunik Province Syunik Province33,160
Ararat Ararat8.Ararat Province Ararat Province28,832
Armavir Armavir9.Armavir Province Armavir Province25,963
Gavarr Gavarr10.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province21,680
Artashat Artashat11.Ararat Province Ararat Province20,562
Goris Goris12.Syunik Province Syunik Province20,379
Masis Masis13.Ararat Province Ararat Province18,911
Ashtarak Ashtarak14.Aragatsotn Province Aragatsotn Province18,779
Sevan Sevan15.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province17,083
Hats'avan Hats’avan16.Syunik Province Syunik Province15,208
Spitak Spitak17.Lori Province Lori Province15,059
Ijevan Ijevan18.Tavush Province Tavush Province14,737
Dilijan Dilijan19.Tavush Province Tavush Province13,478
Alaverdi Alaverdi20.Lori Province Lori Province13,184
Vedi Vedi21.Ararat Province Ararat Province12,192
Vardenis Vardenis22.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province11,382
Martuni Martuni23.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province11,037
Yeghvard Yeghvard24.Kotayk Province Kotayk Province10,705
Metsamor Metsamor25.Armavir Province Armavir Province8,789
Berd Berd26.Tavush Province Tavush Province8,374
Yeghegnadzor Yeghegnadzor27.Vayots Dzor Province Vayots Dzor Province8,200
Vardenik Vardenik28.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province7,709
Akhuryan Akhuryan29.Shirak Province Shirak Province7,672
Tashir Tashir30.Lori Province Lori Province7,318
Nerk'in Getashen Nerk’in Getashen31.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province7,010
Byureghavan Byureghavan32.Kotayk Province Kotayk Province6,972
Garrni Garrni33.Kotayk Province Kotayk Province6,827
Sarukhan Sarukhan34.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province6,173
Chambarak Chambarak35.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province6,153
Aparan Aparan36.Aragatsotn Province Aragatsotn Province5,670
Noratus Noratus37.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province5,426
Vayk' Vayk’38.Vayots Dzor Province Vayots Dzor Province5,419
Hoktember Hoktember39.Armavir Province Armavir Province5,348
Noyemberyan Noyemberyan40.Tavush Province Tavush Province5,119
Karanlukh Karanlukh41.Gegharkunik Province Gegharkunik Province5,104
Mrgashat Mrgashat42.Armavir Province Armavir Province4,961
Maralik Maralik43.Shirak Province Shirak Province4,959
T'alin T’alin44.Aragatsotn Province Aragatsotn Province4,945
Nor Geghi Nor Geghi45.Kotayk Province Kotayk Province4,896
Oshakan Oshakan46.Aragatsotn Province Aragatsotn Province4,768
Metsavan Metsavan47.Lori Province Lori Province4,767
Agarak Agarak48.Syunik Province Syunik Province4,707
Gugark' Gugark’49.Lori Province Lori Province4,705
Jermuk Jermuk50.Vayots Dzor Province Vayots Dzor Province4,582

1 - 50 of 317 places
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